C651 Mid-life Upgrade Project

SMRT’s C651 Siemens trains have been deployed for revenue service since 1996 on the North-Souh and East-West Lines in Singapore. The 19 six-car trains were due for a midlife upgrade aiming at improving the fleet’s reliability and extend its life with another 15 years.

SRE was appointed the EPC contractor for the C651 MLU project. The C651 MLU project is one of the most extensive rolling stock upgrade projects one can find in the industry and almost all components of the train are replaced: Traction, Doors, Train Interior and Exterior, Air-Conditioning system, Auxiliary Power Systems (APS), Train Information Management System (TIMS) and Gangway. The project is assessed by an Independent Safety Assessor (ISA).

As part of the C651 MLU project SRE and Toshiba setup a 50/50 Joint Venture called Railise Pte. Ltd. to manage the re-tractioning scope of the project. The upgraded C651 trains will be equipped with a Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor (PMSM) developed and manufactured by Toshiba. The PMSM is an AC Synchronous motor whose field excitation is provided by permanent magnets. Compared to conventional AC or DC motors, a PMSM is more energy efficient, produces less noise and requires less maintenance. The amount of greenhouse gases emitted by the PMSM is lower, adding to the environmentally-friendly credentials of SMRT.

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