Railise Pte Ltd

SMRT629-15_Railise Logo Update_FA_r1Railise Pte Ltd is a joint venture between Toshiba Corporation and Singapore Rail Engineering Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Singapore’s public transport operator SMRT Corporation. Headquartered in Singapore, Railise is the exclusive sales channel for Toshiba’s Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor (PMSM) propulsion system globally (excluding Japan). The company supplies integrated re-tractioning solutions to rail operators and derives its expertise from Toshiba’s technology leadership and SMRT’s experience as a mass transit operator.

Toshiba’s PMSM technology is currently used in Japan by nine mass transit operators and also in Singapore by SMRT Trains. SMRT Trains will equip its first and second generation of trains (total of 85 trains) with PMSM technology.

The PMSM is an AC synchronous motor whose field excitation is provided by permanent magnets. Compared to existing motors, the PMSM is more energy efficient (30% less energy consumption compared to DC motors and 20% less compared to AC motors), produces less noise (lower by 12 decibels) and requires less maintenance. The amount of greenhouse gases emitted by the PMSM would also be lower, which would add to the environmentally-friendly credentials of the user.

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