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Singapore Rail Engineering (SRE) was incorporated in 2014 under SMRT Corporation Ltd to grow an indigenous rail engineering capability contributing directly to rail reliability in Singapore.  SRE mainly targets rail MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) activities arising from the maintenance cycle of rolling stock including the midlife upgrading and/or refurbishment of trains that have been in operation for 15 years or more.




In addition, SRE aims to attract and develop engineers by offering them exciting rolling stock design & build projects. During the execution of our maiden C651 midlife upgrading project we have noticed firsthand that, what excites young engineers, is the ability to build what they have designed. As Singapore’s rail transport system expands in size and complexity, SRE will deepen its in-house engineering epertise to solve problems as they arise”.

Mario Favaits, Managing Director,

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